Incredibly small and tough microspeaker – waterproof to 50m

Ole Wolff OWS-061230L-8A

The Ole Wolff OWS-061230L-8A is an ultra small micro speaker targeted for watches and wearables that need to be able to handle up to 50m of water pressure.

Product highlights:

  • Measures only 6x12x3.0mm
  • Withstands 50m of water pressure
  • Small footprint ideal for watches and wearables
  • Excellent acoustic performance

This driver uses a Ole Wolff patent pending design (PCT/EP2019/080807) to ensure the pressure handling and the impressive acoustic performance from this very tiny package.


Measured in 1cc rear volume, 2V rms at 2 cm

50m water proof

Also relevant at shallow water

Few people dive to depths of 50 meters, but often water sport activities can involve splashes of water with water pressures equivalent to the water pressure at a water depth of 50m.