Power chokes and inductors

Ole Wolff offers a broad range of power chokes and inductors.

Toroidal types typically used for EMI/RF suppression, SCR and triac controls, power supplies and power factor correction etc. Radial inductors typically used in consumer electronics such as tv sets, computers, gaming consoles etc.

  • Core: Toroid / drum core (radial)
  • Pin type: Through hole
  • Size: from T10 to T130 (torridal) / down to 4mm (radial)
  • Wide inductance range (1µH to 47 µH)
  • High rated current (radial: up to 15A)
  • Low DC resistance
  • Low loss
  • High reliability

Custom solutions available!
Ole wolff specializes in custom solutions at competitive prices to suit your specific project.
Please contact your local Ole Wolff representative to let us know how we can help.