Common mode chokes

Ole Wolff offers a broad range of common mode chokes.

Typically used in AC-DC power converters, for EMI/RF suppression etc.

  • Core: UU, ET, Toroid and Amorphous
  • Pin type: Through hole, SMD
  • Size: UU9.8 to UU33, ET15.7 to ET28, Tcore to T200 etc.
  • Wide inductance range (10µH to 100 mH)
  • Wide leakage inductance range (10µH to 200 µH)
  • Rated voltage: 100-270 VAC, 50 Hz-60Hz
  • Insulation resistance: 100Mohm min. @500VDC
  • High inductance stability

Custom solutions available!
Ole wolff specializes in custom solutions at competitive prices to suit your specific project.
Please contact your local Ole Wolff representative to let us know how we can help.