High frequency transformers

Ole Wolff offers a broad range of high frequency transformers.

Typically used in power switches, AC/DC to DC converters, computers television sets, industrial power systems etc.

  • Core: EE, ER, EFD, EP, EPC, RM, PQ and ETD etc.
  • Pin type: Through hole, SMD
  • Size: EE5.0-65, ER7.5-42, EFD12.6-30, EP6.0-19, EPC10-25, RM6-14 and PQ20-50 etc.
  • Switching frequency up to 1 MHz
  • Power from 0.6W to 3000W
  • Low loss
  • Low temperature rise. Meets UL OBJY2 class B and Class F insulation system.

Custom solutions available!
Ole wolff specializes in custom solutions at competitive prices to suit your specific project.
Please contact your local Ole Wolff representative to let us know how we can help.