Ole Wolff 12mm TWS driver


Ole Wolff hybrid drivers for TWS earphones.

We have developed a unique driver design for TWS earphones which offers several key benefits. Firstly, with the microphone already integrated in the driver, it simplifies the overall design process, eliminating the need for intricate microphone placement. This approach reduces the complexity for the ID and Mechanical teams, resulting in a simpler form factor.

Secondly, our driver design provides superior acoustics compared to traditional 6mm or 7mm drivers. With three times more acoustic radiating area and a lower f0, it delivers clearer sound with less distortion and enhanced bass input for improved ANC performance.

Our design enhances consistency and yield during manufacturing. By measuring the transfer function between speaker and feedback, it ensures ANC tuning requirements are met consistently. This eliminates concerns about driver or microphone inconsistency and reduces assembly errors, resulting in higher yields and cost savings for manufacturers.

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12mm TWS driver

  • Integrated Ø4mm ECM or Mems feedback mic design for saving space and ease of manufacturing.
  • Driver and microphone TF can be measured and grouped.
  • The ring radiator diaphragm design ensures high frequency range extension and low THD due to double suspension and rigid ring piston.
  • With a low f0 of 250Hz (without acoustic mesh) in free field, it maximizes low frequency output.