Drivers with reduced environmental impact

Our “Reduced Environmental Impact (REI) drivers” are a new range of headphone drivers developed by Ole Wolff with the goal to reduce the environmental impact through a series of sustainable initiatives without compromising acoustic performance with a goal of keeping it cost neutral.

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Who is Ole Wolff and what do we do?

We manufacture and sell acoustic and magnetic solutions and offer unique application support and design capabilities.

We now supply to a broad range of first tier companies within the consumer, medical and industrial industries, and our fully automated production lines ensure uniform quality and cost competitiveness.

With sales offices in ten locations worldwide, three R&D and application support centers and with ISO9001, ISO14001 and TS16949 manufacturing facilities in Asia we are strongly positioned to meet the future demands and requirements of our customers.

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If you are interested in what we offer or how our products are made, please go check out our videos here.

Ole Wolff Acoustic presentation video

Ole Wolff Magnetics presentation video