Medical devices

SMD piezo buzzer, piezo disc and SMD speaker

Some medical devices may use audible alarms to alert healthcare providers or patients to important events or changes in status, such as low battery levels, high or low blood pressure readings, or the completion of a treatment cycle. In these cases, a speaker or buzzer that produces a loud, clear sound may be necessary.

Overall, the choice of buzzer or speaker for a given medical device will depend on factors such as the device’s intended use, the user’s needs and preferences, and the available technology and materials.

Examples of products for medical devices:

  • 9×9 and 12x12mm SMD piezo buzzers
  • 15mm piezo discs
  • 15mm SMD speakers
  • ISO13485 certified

Being ISO13485 certified means that the supplier has implemented a quality management system that meets the requirements of the ISO13485 standard, which includes a focus on meeting customer and regulatory requirements, risk management, and continuous improvement.

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