New analog and digital MEMS microphones

With excellent signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and high acoustic overload point (AOP)

  • Analog and digital version
  • Small footprint : 4*3*1.2mm
  • High SNR: 70dB
  • High acoustic overload point (AOP): 136dB (analog version)/130dB (digital version)
  • Super low power consumption: 170 μA (analog version)
  • Differential output (analog version) for excellent noise immunity

State of the art performance

With small footprint of 4*3*1.2mm , 70dB SNR and high acoustic overload point (>130 dB SPL ), these new Ole Wolff MEMS microphones have a very high dynamic range. The low self-noise makes these microphones excellent choice for high-quality audio capturing in conference systems, cameras, or audio recorders. They also feature tight frequency curve for effective audio signal processing. These microphones have excellent characteristics to enhance active noise cancellation application such as for headphones. The analog version offers differential output which works best for noise rejection and also offers super low power consumption of 170 μA.

These MEMS microphones have state-of-the art performance to size ratios and allow designers to reach top level of high audio performance.

Mechanical drawings