New Ole Wolff products added to Digi-Key

More Acoustic products can now be found on the Digi-Key Marketplace

We have added our newest products along with our highest runners to Digi-key.

The products added:

  • Headphone and ear bud drivers
  • I.O.T. Microspeakers
  • Bluetooth High power speakers
  • General purpose speakers
  • Alarm speakers
  • 通讯用受话器


  • SMD magnetic buzzers
  • SMD piezo buzzers
  • Alarm buzzers

Find the products here

Inspiration and innovation from prototype to production

Ole Wolff already supplies products to a broad range of first tier companies within the electronics industry. With the cooperation with Digi-Key we have made it even easier for our customers to find and buy and evaluate our products.

Digi-Key offers the world’s largest selection of electronic components for immediate shipment. From prototype to production, they are here to accelerate innovation anywhere in the world. A limited selection of our products is now available on the Digi-Key marketplace.

Custom solutions, “virtual prototypes” and design support are a big part of what we do. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a tailored solution for your specific product.

Direct link on product pages

When you browse through the Ole Wolff product pages you will see a direct link to the Digi-Key page if the product is available via Digi-Key. If this is not the case, feel free to use the “Request more info”-button and you will be contacted by our sales staff.