Ole Wolff Fire alarms – UL217 and UL1480

Transducers for fire and safety applications

Ole Wolff offers UL217 & UL1480 compliant 520Hz low frequency speakers for smoke detector applications.

Study found that half of all residential fire fatalities occur during the night when people are sleeping. The Fire Protection and Research Foundation conducted research on various populations, including children, young adults, older adults, alcohol-impaired individuals, and those who are hard of hearing, and discovered that low frequency tones at 520 Hz are more effective at waking people up than current fire alarm signals. As a result, regulations now require audible devices in sleeping areas to emit different low frequency alarm signals.

The latest edition of UL217 for residential smoke alarm device made many significant changes to the previous existing standard. One of the main requirements is to prevent false alarm resulting from cooking nuisance.

What we offer:

  • 40mm, 50mm and 57mm diameters
  • Custom sizes and acoustics available
  • Low Profile
  • Water resistant
  • In accordance with UL217 for 520 Hz low frequency sounders, meets or exceeds 79 dBA, @ rated power at 3.05M with square wave input

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