Transformer for ultrasonic transceiver

Decoupling of high and low frequency circuits

General Specification

  • EP 6 type with ferrite core
  • Shielding component.


  • Excellent EMC performance
  • Shielding connected to Pin6
  • Good coplanarity design solution
  • Class F insulation material for high temperature
  • RoHS & REACH compliance
  • Resistance to reflow soldering with 245deg.C
  • Marking: Dot on pin 1. D/C and P/N
  • Reel packing method for SMT process


  • Ultrasonic transceiver driver used for
  • Ultrasonic Park assistance
  • Industrial distance measuring
  • Robotics
  • Automatic driving transceiver
  • Good alternative to TDK B78416A2360A003