Winners in Logitech’s #FuturePositiveChallenge

Ole Wolff is honored to be named a winner in Logitech’s #FuturePositiveChallenge!

With our winning entry of ‘Reduced Environmental Impact (REI)’ headphone drivers, we are proud to contribute to a positive future in engineering and design for consumer electronics.

Logitech’s #FuturePositiveChallenge is a technology challenge for sustainability-led disruptors poised to make a meaningful contribution to a positive future. It searches the globe for innovative solutions to the engineering and process design challenges in consumer electronics. Because sustainability is behind every design decision made, Logitech is continually looking for breakthrough, next-generation materials, components, and processes to accelerate Design for Sustainability capabilities.

“The Future Positive Challenge prioritizes technologies that are integral to advancing breakthrough innovations in the consumer electronics industry. We congratulate all of the companies that showcased their ideas to solve sustainability-related engineering and process design challenges. I was impressed with the range of solutions and level of innovation coming from these disruptive startups. We have the solutions today to help us solve the engineering challenges that will lead to lower product carbon impact and it’s simply a matter of harnessing and scaling those solutions to create the change needed to design a positive future.”
– Prakash Arunkundrum, chief operating officer at Logitech

Our “Reduced Environmental Impact (REI) drivers” are a new range of headphone drivers developed by Ole Wolff with the goal to reduce the environmental impact through a series of sustainable initiatives without compromising acoustic performance with a goal of keeping it cost neutral.

‘REI drivers’ design principle aims to help shift towards eco-friendly practices and help foster a more sustainable future.

The project places a strong emphasis on utilizing recycled raw materials which minimizing the environmental impact associated with resource extraction, energy consumption, and waste generation. This approach aligns with the principles of the circular economy and promotes a more responsible use of valuable resources.

‘REI drivers’ recognizes the urgent need to combat climate change and contributes to a more sustainable low-carbon future.