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Speakers - micro speakers

Speakers micro speakers

A satisfactory sound level, in less space, at a competitive price

The need for even smaller speakers and micro speakers is getting more intense with the constant new development of even smaller laptop computers, hands-free car kits, portable players, mobile Internet devices, smartphones, alarms etc.

The challenge for the speakers and micro speakers today is to produce and maintain a satisfactory sound level, in less space, at a competitive price.

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speakers@ micro speakers

Speakers are caught between two opposing trends

The speakers are caught between two opposing trends, more output power and smaller size.

As these trends accelerate, we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to minimize the size of the micro speakers and at the same time get the best possible sound.

Ole Wolff specializes in acoustic solutions where a big sound from a small package is key. With speaker / micro speaker sizes ranging from 10mm to 62mm, Ole Wolff can optimize your audio solution with industry leading price/performance ratio.


Speaker system design

Integrating speakers into end products and optimizing performance


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