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New high SPL rectangular speakers

New high SPL rectangular speakers

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11x15 and 13x15 speakers get an +2dB improvement.


  • +2dB overall increase in sound pressure levels

  • Same outer dimensions as previous generation

  • Significantly improved HF response from 131845

October 01 2020
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The rectangular Ole Wolff micro loudspeakers 111535 & 131845 (11x15x3.5mm & 13x18x4.5mm) are well known in the industry for having a very high performance. They have now been upgraded to deliver even higher sound pressure levels — without increasing the outer dimensions.The improvements have been made by utilizing latest technology in the fields of magnets, diaphragm design and material selection. It has now been possible to raise sensitivity levels on these two already high performing and well recognized loudspeakers by 2dB in the whole frequency range. Furthermore, the response of the 131845 loudspeaker has been significantly improved in the 10kHz–20kHz range by approx. 5dB, which assures an even more brilliant sound impression compared to the standard 1318 loudspeaker.

These speakers have state-of-the art performance to size ratios and are the obvious choices for many IoT and audio applications where big sound from a tiny package is key.





Sound pressure levels of the improved drivers compared to the previous generation.


Automated speaker production line