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48mm full range driver

48mm full range driver

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Ole Wolff introduces a brand new series of full range drivers designed to cover the frequency range from 120Hz (f0) to 20kHz with ±2.2mm excursion and excellent linearity.

The new Ole Wolff full range driver series are excellent candidates for

  • (smart) wireless speakers

  • sound bars

  • routers with audio playback etc.

and will guarantee very high performance at a competitive price point.

Other members of this full range driver family include 52mmx52mm, 54mmx54mm & 56mmx56mm drivers. The OWS-484833T-4 is the first family member to be commercially released.

January 13 2021
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Ideal for smart amp operation

The high power handling and low distotion make the drivers ideal for operation with 'smart amps' that can push the driver's performance to the max while making sure that the driver's limits are not exceeded. This approach can lead to surprisingly big sound from a small speaker.

Ole Wolff can provide the necessary driver- and Safe Operating Area parameters for the smart amp tuning and/or provide the full tuning of the end product. For more info about Ole Wolff speaker system integration click here.

Ideal for <i>smart amp</i> operation
Ole Wolff can provide parameters for smart amps to squeeze out every drop of performance of the drivers whithout exceeding the safe operating limits.


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Frequency response and THD

The sensitivity ranges from 82.5dBSPL to 86.5dBSPL (ref. 1.0W/1.0m average from 2kHz to 4kHz) and power handling is (Nom./Max.) 5.0W / 8.0 W (f0-20KHz) for all members in this driver family.

The OWS-484833T-4 has very high excursion for a 48mm driver; Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) stays under 10% at excursions of up to ±2.2mm.

For the end product a taylored (maximum) input voltage vs. frequency curve can be provided, which allows the driver to operate at its maximum SPL at all frequencies without the risk of being damaged due to heating or excursion. The below graphs show the sensitivity at 1W (nom.) / 1m.

Free field measurement shows high bandwidth and low THD.
Impedance plot


The electrodynamic coupling factor, also called Bl-product or force factor Bl(x), is defined by the integral of the magnetic flux density B over voice coil length l and translates current into force. In traditional modeling this parameter is assumed to be constant. The force factor Bl(0) at the rest position corresponds with the Bl-product used in linear modeling. The red curve displays Bl over the entire displacement range covered during the measurement. You see the typical decay of Bl when the voice coil moves out of the gap. At the end of the measurement, the black curve shows the confidential range (interval where the voice coil displacement in this range occurred 99% of the measurement time). During the measurement, the black curve shows the current working range. The dashed curve displays Bl(x) mirrored at the rest position of the voice coil – this way, asymmetries can be quickly identified. Since a laser was connected during the measurement, a coil in / coil out marker is displayed on the bottom left / bottom right.

The 4848 driver and its family members all have a Bl(x) curve very close to the ideal full symmetrical shape which contributes to the excellent linear performance (low distortion).
Force Factor Bl (X)