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Micro speaker system design

Maximizing performance in minimal space

Ole Wolff is specialized in not only the design and manufacture of high efficient Micro loudspeakers having maximum performance relative to the physical size and required form factor.
Ole Wolff is also dedicated to the design-in of our Micro Loudspeakers into our customer`s   speaker box/device, which they are developing, for ending up having the most optimal sound quality possible.
Almost always, the interior of a speaker box or system needs to be taken into account, for giving the optimal acoustical tuning and thereby the most natural and life like sound reproduction.
This goes for the inner free air available in the speaker box as well as the design of the sound outlet structure in the speaker box or whichever device is being developed having a sound source build in.


Transducer selection

Choosing the right tools for the job

Ole Wolff has a very large portfolio of Micro Loudspeakers designed for Micro Speaker Systems (please use selection guide on webpage), so very often we already from the beginning of a customer driven project can recommend a specific Micro Speaker to be perfectly doing the audio job.
However, if required, Ole Wolff also often join projects, where a new Micro Speaker has to be developed from scratch.
In such a case, there are of course requirements for a defined minimum quantity of speakers for the lifetime of the project as well as a slightly longer development time has to be accepted compared to when choosing an “off the shelf” product.
The reason for needing a new customized Micro Speaker can be requirements for an extreme physical form factor, very small certain dimensions, or the need for a specific electrical contacting method etc.


The IPx8 waterproof speaker OWS-111535L-8C

Speaker box design

The Ole Wolff mechanical engineers work closely together with the acoustics team

For being able to offer the best customer support in the design phase of the Speaker Box or sound system, it is crucial to have a very tight and efficient cooperation between Acoustical and Mechanical engineers, who have a long experience in this kind of work.
This is exactly what Ole Wolff is capable of. Our Engineering team teams up with the engineering teams of the customer and exchanges CAD designs, simulation results until the performance target is reached.
Next stage is then to make prototypes, either as SLA or machined parts to be used in the following verification stage, where the performance is actually measured and matched to the simulation results.
This tight and straight forward way of working will guarantee our customers the shortest and most cost optimal path to the match of their target requirement specifications.

A selection of prototypes of speaker boxes desiged by Ole Wolff designed to optimize perfomance in the limited space available.